Thursday, April 2, 2009

This is How you say a Best Man Wedding Speech

By Irene Mmari

A very good friend of mine was intending to get wed and while I wasn't the best man, the delivery given by the best man was pretty awful but then he didn't even direct it to the the couple. All he said was, "Well done Patricia, you won." He brought up his glass and smiled with pride as he proclaimed this, while everyone in the room was shocked at what he had pronounced.

This is not an acceptable best man speech for a wedding plus to start with, the bride is insulted here. So, if you are asked to give a speech as the best man, just what are the conventions? Firstly, think about your close friend who is getting wed, how long you've been good friends, matters you've done with eachother, and just why his bride is the one for him. If required, make a list of these things before you pen your speech or, if you want to wing it, just keep your essential items on an index card so you don't leave out anything.

Next, do not get so drunk that when it is time to give your words you cannot even stand up or you blurt your address. When you get up to present your words, thank everyone for attending before you start to congratulate the bride and your friend the bridegroom. A respectable best man speech might include all the summers you passed with eachother when you were growing up or humorous things you did as kids.

If you are not a life-long friend of the bridegroom, you in all probability still know him pretty well or he would not have invited you to be his best man, so you should be able to remember a few amusing anecdotes about the pair of you. If you're a relation, brother, uncle or brother-in-law to the bridegroom, try to talk about qualities the bridegroom will add to the family and talk about them also.

No matter what your relationship is to the groom, do not speak just of him and neglect the groom. Not always, but most of the while, the wedding preparation has taken up a while so you ought to have enough time to remember things to say regarding the bride and the pair of them in concert. Respectable things to mention about the bride is how fascinating she is, or what a fundamental influence she's had in the groom's life.

When you speak about both of them unitedly, seek to apeak about matters that make them special as a pair. Do they both bowl or partake in sports together or like the identical football team? If so, then talk about this, or if they have similar careers, talk about how they will be able to enhance each other's lives through their careers. Ensure your best man speech isn't too long, because you won't be the only guest speaking.

Most likely, the bridesmaid, mothers and fathers of the bride and bridegroom will also want to talk and in these days of more than two parents and step-parents, it's better to preserve your speech to a minimum so everyone will have time to speak. Observing these hints will ensure your best man speech is one to remember so take some time when you prepare it and if you're winging it, use index cards if you want to mention them in your words.

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