Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Online Florida Marriage Records Search

By Ben Dave

Florida has performed a tremendous job when it comes to the keeping of public records such as the compilation of the old to the present Florida marriage records. For the record, the office of the Vital Statistics of Florida is estimated to have over 5 million marriage records on file. All these records are kept with confidentiality and those who desire to search on the marital documents shall follow certain protocol before obtaining such information.

There are certain steps to adhere to in doing Marriage Records Florida search. It could be done contacting the person in-charge over the phone directly or by sending a message via the fax machine. Aside from that you can also write-in or walk-in. The marriage must have taken place in Florida; otherwise you will not be able to locate it even if the individual whose records you are searching is a Florida resident. State of Florida marriage records are centralized at the Vital Statistics Office. For those who are interested in obtaining marriage records prior to June 6 1927, they must go straight to the County Clerk of Court where the marriage license was issued.

People get to be interested in finding information on public marriage records for all sorts of reasons. Because of this, Florida has designed a process in order to accommodate the request from people in a very orderly manner. Like some of the policies and requirements implemented in other places with regard to the disclosure of public documents, Florida also asked for some amount of money for the request.

The governing body has agreed after thorough deliberation that the fee to obtain Florida marriage record request is $5.00 for just one certification and $4.00 for every extra certification of similar record when requested at the same time. Rules to observe for such a policy are: there will be no restrictions for ordering these records, the fee applies to anyone who search for records and is non-refundable whether the record has been tracked or not. If for instance the file to be searched is not located, there will be a "not found" statement to be provided for the searcher to certify that the record has not been found. On the other hand, duplicate copy fees for records "not found" may be refunded if the applicant sends a letter of request.

Florida marriage records are part of the group of public records commonly labeled as vital records. They are state-level records and are governed by the state laws of Florida. The other vital public records of Florida are Birth, Death and Divorce records and all these records are under the charge of the Vital Statistics Office of Florida which reports into the Florida Department of Health.

The Florida administration has implemented the information resource of State of Florida marriage records accessible online over the Internet. People can just sit down at their homes or offices and do the research comfortably. Because of this, they can perform investigation under cover because it can be done anywhere. There are a lot of pieces of information available, and it's a much faster way.

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