Monday, April 6, 2009

How To Chose The Right Bridal Shower Favors - Sure Fire Way To Make Sure Your Wedding Or Bridal Shower Will Be A Success

By Debbie Vera

The great thing about contemporary wedding favors is their ability to also serve as bridal shower favors or just as lovely decorative or practical keepsakes. As hard as it is to single out one of them as the best they certainly represent one of the best wedding investments you can ever make.

Imagine a pizza cutter decorated with a special phrase chosen by the bride and groom. Made of stunning porcelain, they're highly decorative. But with stainless steel blades they will also be used long after the bridal shower is over. It doesn't get any better than this.

Why not consider something as humble and utilitarian as a sewing kit. While it's practical it also symbolizes home. Use a colorful plaid design and you have memories of Fall and a useful tool at the same time. So now you have a bridal shower gift that's a winner all around.

How about some personalized personal care items? Monogrammed with the names of the bride and guest, they will long be remembered as a treasured keepsake of the happy event. At the same time, the nail clippers, file, and more will see regular use long after the special occasion has come and gone.

Next on the list the ever lovely bath soap. In addition to it's delicate fragrance and lovely pastel colors, when put in a clear favor shower box they become a great decoration in addition to being a gift.

Another option for a scent sensation is putting up some coffee scented candles. When set in miniature glass cups they will give off a wonderful aroma and are simply beautyful to look at.

Ceramic honey pot bridal shower favors are certainly among the favorite crowd pleasers. They lend themselves to be adorned with images of spring and are therefore perfect for the April bridal shower. Most of your guests will display them later proudly as a decorative item in their home.

A retro silver teapot will be seen as a useful gift of old time elegance. Since everybody is expecting for the "love" to brew on long after the bridal shower has passed. It's the perfect little elegant gift that reminds everybody of the joyous occasion.

A lot of delightful place card holders are available as well. Like the the tiny grand pianos. While not only fun and practical they also are a perfect match for silk miniature rose decorations. Your guest's will be humming " ain't love grand" in no time.

Any season is the perfect time to employ laser-cut butterfly placecard holders. With small fluttering creatures in paper lace at the top and the guests name across the center, everyone will know where they stand.

Select the ultimate in elegance with individually monogrammed note cards. Perfect for writing those thank you notes, they can also double as place card holders.

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