Thursday, April 9, 2009

Most Common Wedding Superstitions

By A Nutt

Your wedding is supposed to be one of the most important and special days of your entire life. Generally, weddings are highly anticipated and planned months or even years in advance. Much care is taken to ensure that every single detail is just right. From the decorations and flowers, to the music, wedding vows, food and cake - every bride wants everything to be perfect. There are many time-honored traditions that are generally observed (or at least considered) in the wedding planning process. Some of these are very important, (such as the exchanging of vows and wedding bands) and others are more lighthearted - such as the tossing of the bride's bouquet. Whether you are superstitious or not, some of the more lighthearted wedding traditions may appeal to you. Below is a brief overview of some of the most commonly known wedding superstitions.

The Weather There are conflicting superstitions from different parts of the world regarding the weather on your wedding day. Some say that a rainy wedding day is actually good luck. Others claim that rain on your wedding day signifies that you will shed many tears throughout your married life. A sunny day symbolizes warmth and happiness in marriage.

The Decorations Candles are used as decorations in many weddings. Lit candles that go out are rumored to signify that evil spirits are close. Flowers are also very commonly used in weddings. It is customary for the groom to wear a flower from the bridal bouquet in his coat's button-hole. This dates back to Medieval times, when a knight would wear his Lady's colours as a declaration of his devotion. Flowers have different meanings, and it is good luck to choose flowers that have special symbolism for the bride and groom.

The Dress A white wedding gown is said to symbolize chastity or virginity. In some cultures this superstition holds true. However, another theory is that in the old days, white cloth was very expensive. Bleaching the cloth to white cost a lot of money, and therefore white signified the very best. Back then, the whiter the bride's dress - the more wealthy the bride's family was. Another superstition related to the actual wedding dress involves death! It is said that if the bride's wedding gown rips the day before the wedding, the marriage will end in death.

The Flower Girl Ever wonder why so many rose petals are strewn about by the flower girl? Not only is it cute, but it is setting the bride and groom up for a long and happy family life. The rose petals symbolize the bride and groom's chances at having babies. The more rose petals - the more babies!

The Cake In many cultures, the tradition is to save the uppermost, smallest layer of the toronto wedding cakes rather than serve it at the wedding. The cake is then wrapped in plastic wrap and paper towels in order to conserve it well, and it is then frozen. The wedding cake is left in the freezer until the happy couple's first anniversary, when it is defrosted and enjoyed. The superstition says that eating the wedding cake on the first anniversary will bring back all the joy and magic of the wedding day.

Right After the Wedding When the bride and groom exit the church after their wedding ceremony, it is customary for all the guests to toss handfuls of rice at them. This is another way of ensuring a long and fertile family life. The more grains of rice thrown, the more babies the couple will have. The noise made by the tin cans that are attached to the couple's auto is intended to scare away evil spirits.

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