Saturday, March 28, 2009

Your Guide to Caribbean Beach Weddings

By Irene Mmari

A lot of people are getting enterprising when choosing the place where they want the wedding to be. This trend is also affecting larger numbers of Americans who now get married outside of their country. It is now quite normal for them to consider having a beautiful Caribbean beach wedding as their chosen location. It appears that the most likely explanation for this gradual change is the fantastic beaches to be found all over the Caribbean which surpass those generally found of the mainland.

Since the climate in the Caribbean is more conducive than the US, you can hold a wedding in the beaches anytime of the year you choose. Although this isn't the only reason - you only have to look around you to know that the location itself is incredibly romantic.

To improve upon this further, some 'all-inclusive' resorts are now able to offer a Caribbean beach wedding at no extra charge as part of the package. If that isn't enough, this type of arrangement also makes it easy for the couple to enjoy their honeymoon in the same place as they were married.

Usually couples are booked at a secluded and private section of the resort which is physically far removed from the guests who came to attend the wedding. Of course not to spoil the scenario but if you intend to have a Caribbean beach wedding you will have to ensure you are conversant with local laws relating to a wedding of non-residents. Please note that each Caribbean Island is governed by its own legalities which the couple has to comply with, before their wedding can take place there.

It is not uncommon for couple to have to be on the island for a set period before the wedding can take place and then of course there is the little matter of a local wedding license also. Be prepared to pay anything up to 300 dollars for the wedding license (depending on the venue) but they can be as low as 50 dollars - bear this in mind.

You will also need to be aware of any specific passport regulations at the island you are visiting for your Caribbean beach wedding - a small matter like this could completely spoil everything you have planned. Of course an invalid passport could mean that you are not allowed entry into the country and that is an extremely embarrassing situation, isn't it?

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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Right Way of Making a Mother of the Bride Wedding Speech

By Irene Mmari

No matter how long you have been waiting, when your girl finally gets tied, for most mothers it is the special occasion they have been waiting for and often some of us may overdo the mother of the bride wedding speech if we're watching what we are doing. It is better to try to prepare your address prior to the wedding reception and rehearse it with your husband, partner, or your own mom to see the sort of reaction you produce.

Be certain to be open to trusted critique if you receive some as it does not mean your speech is bad, it just might mean a few things should be taken out or others put in. A good thought is to take some personal time alone and think about how you were when she selected her dress, her face, her character, and any other thing you love about her because these will be effective tools when penning your address.

Good subjects for your mother of the bride wedding speech are just how you feel about your daughter and her husband as a pair and what you believe the future will hold for them. If you know they desire to have children, speak about how you can't wait to be a grandparent. You can also speak a little about your daughter during her years of growing up, how wonderful she appears on her wedding day and what she was like before she met her bridegroom. You can discuss how other relations such as her father or stepfather have influenced her and why she is a stronger individual because of that. It's also a good idea to give the groom a salute and give thanks to his mother and father (or stepparents) and tell them how lucky you feel to take him as a son-in-law.

In general, as the mom of the bride is thought to be the wedding hostess, it's also okay to talk about and give thanks to the individuals in the room who have made her day special, such as close pals or other family members. Your speech should be elegant, thankful, and supportive to the bride and bridegroom so don't forget that when you are preparing your speech or thinking about what you want to say, although amusing addresses are respectable, the mother of the bride speech is a privilege and now it is your chance to shine and brag some about your special girl whose all grown up.

Reckoning on what time in the reception your speech is expected to begin, be careful not to drink too much alcohol before you talk. This will not only embarrass you but also your girl, the groom, and a lot of other people in the room will wonder what you were thinking of.

Other than providing that heartfelt speech, it is right if a few tears flow, after all, both of you have waited and planned for this day for a long time and if you have a great relationship with your daughter, she'll treasure the tears of joy. A great mother of the bride wedding speech ought to be smart and sincere so try to remember that and you'll do well.

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Engraved gifts are a great option for everyone

By John Smith

We all enjoy receiving gifts but there is as well a lot of happiness to be taken from giving gifts too. While you get someone a gift that they are delighted about and feel warmth for, you can notice it in the look of their face. As a result, procuring a gift that corresponds to something to someone, that exhibit that you care. Engraved gifts are all the rage at present, each of us has that one individual on their record that is impossible to shop for, and seems to formerly have the whole lot. There are at all times problems of what to purchase for this person and this is adequate to make anyone mad.

Engraved gifts are an outstanding selection for Father. A good number of Fathers get pleasure from the sentimental value of the gift and the thoughtfulness associated with an engraved gift. Well-liked gifts for father comprise; personalized flasks, engraved picture frames, engraved silver pocket watch, personalized leather wallet money clip, engraved poker sets, engraved cufflinks, or personalized cigar cases. These gifts are priced between ten and forty dollars and are obtainable from a choice of vendors.

Purchasing a gift for brothers and sisters can be hard as well. One of the most excellent thing regarding gifts that can be engraved is the multiplicity of gifts on hand. Everything from a key chain, to candles, to desk accessories and coffee mugs can be personalized with an engraving. In this fashion, you make sure they are receiving a gift they will utilize, and have the benefit of even as personalizing it by means of an engraving.

Engraved gifts for the young people range from coin banks to keepsake boxes. There is an assortment of flasks for college students on hand; for instance a leather flask with engraved nameplates that comprise either the complete name or the initials of the recipient.

Favorite gifts that can be engraved for women are plentiful silver compact mirrors, engraved charms or lockets, and jewelry boxes. Some popular engraved gifts this season come in the form of engraved photo frames and personalized candles. When shopping for an engrave-able gift like Woven Metal Pen, it is important to remember that anything with a metal surface can be engraved. Alternatively, name plates can be engraved and then adhered to anything from clocks to notebooks, creating the ultimate personal, engraved gifts.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Connecticut Wedding to be Remembered

By Jane Chatterberry

Despite being one of the smallest states, Connecticut is a state filled with variations in its landscape and cultures. Connecticut is a scenic state with mountains, forests, open farming lands, rivers, and a scenic coastline. The towns and cities range from quaint rural towns to large industrial cities along the coast. This variety offers many wedding backdrops and venues but none more steeped in American history and legend that provides unique Connecticut wedding venues than the Town of Mystic.

Mystic is situated along the shores of the Mystic River on the nationally famed New England seacoast located on the Long Island Sound. The town, established in 1654, is infused in New England appeal, with a downtown full of quaint boutiques and restaurants. This small and modest sea town gained national fame by appearing in films and commercials.

As a great experience for the guests of your Connecticut wedding, Mystic is the dwelling of two of the best museums, the Mystic Seaport and the Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration. For those of your guests that are into art, they can relish the Mystic Art Center which boasts famous regional artwork. Mystic is also very near to lovely prize winning vineyards and wineries, cider mills and countless regional highlights.

In Mystic there are plenty of hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts to suit everyone's needs. Accommodations include hotels from well known national chains to old-time historical inns. The inns provide the guests and newlyweds with spectacular views from sheltered coves and the crisp salty air of the Atlantic Ocean. Restaurants offer a delicious assortment of cuisine, which includes fresh seafood brought in every day from the Mystic Harbor.

Mystic is known for romance ever since Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall honeymooned there in 1945. Venues include the beautiful and elegant Inn at Mystic, which offers spectacular views of the Harbor. The Mystic Aquarium can also host a beautiful Connecticut wedding. Imagine exchanging vows in the light of the sea-blue underwater tanks. Among other perfect Mystic wedding venues is the Seamens Inn. This Inn located on the grounds of the Mystic Seaport can host a wedding on the banks of the beautiful Mystic River.

A great advantage of being a seaport is that Mystic is the home to several ship charters. Have you ever considered a beautiful wedding on the water? If so, the Tall Ship Mystic is one hundred seventy feet long and can hold up to one hundred fifty guests. This amazing ship provides on-deck dining and lounging and even has cabins for those who prefer nightlong stays. If you are a looking for smaller and more private wedding party, the Schooner ARGIA is the perfect pick for a wedding in the open ocean air. The 81-foot schooner can comfortably fit a party of 49 guests.

Mystic offers all the services required for a perfect Connecticut wedding. From photographers who are familiar with all the picturesque sites that Mystic has to offer, to the florists who have experience proving the floral accents needed to make a spectacular wedding. The local catering companies are serviced by great chefs who make the most of the local seafood and cuisine.

Romance and love is written all over Mystic. Just ask any of the locals and you shall see. The town is recognized as the prime location for those planning a Connecticut wedding. Mystic wedding party planners can make any style wedding over-the-top by putting together a team that guarantees an unforgettable event. To top it all off, Mystic is even known for having one the top wedding party bands according to Modern Bride.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Girl?s Best Friend Diamond Bridal Jewelry

By Louise Servage

Just because a dog is man?s best friend women need something to be theirs and yes a diamond is it. Before heading out to get some diamond jewelry doesnt mater mens or womens there some things you are going to want know.

Buying Diamond Bridal Jewelry for you

One thing before buying diamond bridal jewelry is you must know about grades. Part of this is knowing about the four c?s of diamonds being: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight this is the most important thing.

Cut is considered the most important of all, and also the most difficult to understand. Cutting of the diamond is what makes it more or less brilliant, and it is important understanding how this quality affects diamond properties and their values.

If a diamond is well cut, light enters through it and travels to the pavilion where it reflects from one side to side before reflecting back out of the diamond back to your eye. This is the reason the cut makes the sparkle, its all in the observers eyes.

Another thing to keep in mind the clarity and this is directly related to the number of flaws in the diamond and clearly affects the visiblilty.

Because there are many different types of diamonds color is another important aspect to consider, I bet you didn't know that colorless diamonds are the most desirable and costly. Another good diamond is the fluorescence diamond which has the glstening flourescent effect when being exposed to ultraviolet light of the long-wave kind .

Finally there is the carat weight, which is important because this is what really determines the cost of the diamond. Deciding on carat size for your diamond jewelry is really all about striking a balance between size and quality.

These incredible tips are all about helping you to choose the best cost effective diamond bridal jewelry and ensure that you get it at the best price.

Bridal jewelry is important because this is what will finish off your outfit. This finishing touch is needed to perfect your look and leave you looking the most beautiful brushing bride ever. This is what girls dream of and if you want to choose the perfect jewelry follow these tips.

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Getting the Wedding of your dreams on a Budget you can Afford

By Mae Summerville

When you were young and chatting with your little friends, I know the subject of your wedding came up. You told them about how beautiful it would be and how exquisite the church and the reception hall would be made decorated. You went on about the "cinderella" dress you would be wearing and the huge diamond necklaces and earrings along with the various other diamond/gold pieces that would adorn your body. You told them about how you get the latest heartthrob to sing at your reception and it would serve him right to see you married off to another man. As you got older your dream changed as you matured and realized that it takes money to buy the things you want for your wedding. You learned that for bi projects you had to have things like budgets so that you could insure having enough money to pay for everything.

The problem you have nowadays is watching TV shows about weddings you quickly get the idea that everyone can have a lavish wedding. Ever notice that the planner may talk about the budget but the bride and groom keep on ordering and ordering more and more outlandish things for their wedding day. Everyone wears diamonds, limousines to drive everyone around, cigar bars, even helicopters to ferry you around.

The only thing you have to be concerned with is the shows are not the reality that you and I live in. You only have a finite amount of money and need to insure you get real value for every cent. That is why you have to really think about what you really must have at the wedding. You need to think carefully about the dress you wear, the decorations you buy, even the food you serve. Then you need to put pencil to paper.

While working up your preliminary budget you will need to make sure you include all the small details of what will be used in the actual wedding. You then need to think about what will be used for your reception. Sit back and imagine the flowers, the tables and what is on them, the entertainment, and even the venue you want to use. After you have carefully listed these items you need to get pricing for each and everyone. Then you can tell if want you want in anyway comes close to what you have to spend. For luxury items I always advise couples to get things that have lasting value such as diamond jewelry.

It costs $27,000 for a wedding with 200 guests. That is what the average cost is the United States. Your goal should always be to have a wedding that is high in quality first and high in quantity second. You can invite everyone in your town but are they really worth all the added expense. You need to visualize what you really want to achieve and prune yoour guest list down firs in order to achieve it. You can always give and take with yourself and come to an acceptable amount of people for an acceptable amount of money.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tips For Planning A Wedding Memorial Service

By Jeff Henderson

When you lose a loved one, you may be chosen to plan their cremation memorial service. They can be a time to express how much you cared about a loved one, to fondly remember times together, and to offer comfort to one another, as well as offer encouragement to others that are feeling the loss.

When planning a cremation memorial service, you should first consider where you will be holding the service. Many funeral homes and engraved wedding invitations crematories will offer a place to hold your service, as well as offer their services to officiate at the memorial service. The officiate can help you to keep the memorial organized, as well as offer advice on how you can personalize the service for your loved one.

In planning a cremation memorial service, you will want to have a small alter where the urn can be placed. There should be room where others can place mementos for others to view, such as photographs of your loved one or a piece of jewelry that meant a lot to them. Personalize this area according to the things that meant the most to your loved inexpensive wedding invitations one.

You will want to ask close friends and family members ahead of time if they wish to speak at the service. Many people are often scared to speak in front of others, especially at such a difficult and emotional event. You can assure them that everyone will be feeling as they do and it is simply a way for them to share their memories and thoughts with others.

As a memento for the family, plan to discount wedding invitation cardshand out cards and a pen to family members and friends who come to the service. On each card, write the words, My fondest memory is These cards can then be given to the family as a token of remembrance. These cards can be purchased or printed out on your computer at home.

When planning the service, you will want to decide if you wish to serve food. Many people often plan an assortment of the favorite foods of their loved one. Others may only serve light refreshments.

You may also want to plan something special as a symbol of your loved ones send off. Many people choose to do a balloon release at the end of the cremation memorial service and often include tags on the end of the balloon so family and friends can write a message. If you do not like the idea of a balloon release, you may want to consider a dove or wholesale wedding invitations butterfly release or have a candle for everyone to light as they gather around the alter.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Great Wedding invitations Online

By charlie reese

You may find that you have not found the right person as of yet, or that you are newly divorced and you want someone new to share the adventure of life with as you move on. What can be frustrating is that single dating can be very hard, especially with a lot of people out there on the market that might be less than honest, or that may not have the same values or goals as you do. This is why you should ask some discount wedding invitationssmart questions when you date anyone new. There is no sense in wasting your time with the wrong man or woman.

One of the first questions to ask while single dating is if someone is in fact single. This might seem like a silly question, but there are more cheaters out there than you may realize. You dont want to get involved with someone like this for two very good reasons. The first is that they are never going to be able to give you the attention and energy that you deserve, and the unique wedding invitations other is that they are untrustworthy. If they are cheating with you, they are going to cheat on you. This also goes with the fact that somewhere, someone else could be hurt by your actions. Say no and find someone else for single dating that can really be into you and your world.

When you know someone is free to be with you for single dating, you can feel optimistic that you may have found someone great. Though you should never pin your marriage or long term relationship hopes on someone based on the first date, you can get a good feeling about someone in your early day of single dating.

Go with your gut instincts about a person. They will rarely steer you in the wrong direction. If your intuition tells you they are not hiding anything, you can then make sure you are compatible in areas of life directions, goals, and even religion if that is important to modern wedding invitations you.

There are many great ways to go about single dating today, and some are choosing to go on the Internet to see if they can find someone there. Single dating can be hard within your own community, as it can be hard to run into the right person at the right time. Just remember to use the same cautions when dating online. Be sure someone is single, be sure they are a good fit, and listen to any warning bells that may go off. Have fun with do it yourself wedding invitationsdating online, but be safe first and foremost.

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How to Look Gorgeous in Your Wedding Dress

By Mae Summerville

Just like a movie star going down the red carpet, when you walk down the aisle on your wedding day all eyes will be looking at you. This will probably be the one time in your life when a whole group of people will be studying every aspect of your appearance. How you did your hair, the choice of your dress, the jewelry you are wearing will combine with the shape that your body to make a complete presentation to your guests. Don't kid yourself the shape you are in will be noticed. Fortunately you can decide this just as you decide on the things you will wear on that special day. Beginning a fitness regime now will insure you look fantastic when you walk down the aisle. I have some advice on how to get there:

* Find a friend or coach to help encourage you and preferably even participate in helping to create a new you. A likely pick would be your matron of honor or even your own mom. Both will also be a big part of your wedding and so will also want to project the best image possible.

* Do not rationalize. Trying to work, play, and just maintaining your daily routine is tough as you go through the wedding process. But getting proper diet and exercise need to be as big a priority because it is part of the total package.

* Consider that you may need to get a trainer or even join a local gym. Be sure that whatever fitness regime you decide on, that your partner is also committed to participating in that regime. Setting down and really impressing upon them the absolute commitment you want from them is how you obtain a real commitment from them. If they cannot fully commit then consider a personal trainer whose job is to make sure you do your fitness regime.

* You will soon have a spouse and possibly a family soon after you are married. They will likely take their eating and exercise cues from you. Start now so that good diet and exercise are a normal part of your life and they likely will become your family's habits. Waiting until you have a overweight spouse and overweight kids is too late.

* Consider a Biometrics program. They are great at providing a set plan of eating and exercise. Get on the web and look for one that meets your needs. Find one that has easy recipes, a plan for you to follow, and even has a shopping list for you.

Remember that your exercise and fitness regime is as important as all your other wedding plans. Also keep in mind as you pull yourself into shape that you will be the star on the red carpet come your wedding day. It is your chance to show everyone how truly spectacular you really look.

One day you will look back at your wedding photos and you will not only see how beautiful you were but how it changed your entire life.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Making Your Own Wedding Invitations

By Samantha DiAlfredi

Tibetan Buddhist art started in the subcontinent of India with the intent of using art to document the life of Gautama Buddha in the 6th and 5th centuries BCE. As the Buddhist religion spread throughout the Asia and the rest of the world, the prominence of Tibetan Buddhist art spread along with it. The earliest Buddhist art generally followed the practice of aniconic Indian traditions. This is the use of Buddhist symbols and iconography without any actual representation of the modern wedding invitations human figure involved. However, it was about the first century CE when an iconic art period came about and represented the Buddha in human appearance; a practice that continues to this day. As Buddhism spread and evolved in each new country or region, Buddhist art followed those adherents to the faith and developed throughout Asia if different ways.

The art of Tibet has always been thought of as religious in nature, particularly that of Buddhist art in Tibet and all over the rest of Asia and the ancient Himalayan kingdoms like Bhutan, Nepal and Ladakh.

The Tibetan Buddhist art that was created previous to the middle of the twentieth century was steeped in traditional techniques and devoted to the vision of sacred iconography. Not only are the works of these early Tibetan Buddhist artists festooned with the central topics of philosophy and spirituality, they were also dedicated in showing the energy of the wording for wedding invitations aesthetics that Tibetan Buddhist art was known for as it came into eminence during the growth of the various schools of Buddhism all over Asia and the regions it influenced with its presence over the years.

In the fourth century saw the emergence of the Mahayana Buddhist influence. This particular influence emphasized those who wished to forgo achieving Nirvana in order to help those others in need. The deity Chenrezig is commonly depicted as a thousand armed deity with a single eye in each hand in the Tibetan art of this Buddhist influence.

Tantric Buddhism is another aspect of Tibetan Buddhist art; the diamond thunderbolt is the most common symbol in this influence. The art of the Tantric influence during this period is most heavily symbolized by fearsome looking deities with angry faces. These angry deities most often are representative of protectors who are devoted to wholesale wedding invitations tantric practices and education and the suppression of negativity.

The Bon influence as it is known in the Himalayas is a shamanistic religion that ads a host of local deities to Tibetan Buddhist art. These local deities are created as statues with the Buddha in Tibetan temples. The shamanistic gods have a history of being blamed for evil, but have since become defeated by Buddha and are forever in service to him.

Concentration and meditation have been the hallmarks of Buddhist meditation techniques for centuries. Ancient practitioners of the art of Tibetan Buddhism have kept the central techniques preserved for centuries in ancient texts that teachers have passed down to students.

Tibetan Buddhist art also greatly influenced Hindu art, but in the tenth century, Buddhism was all but gone from the Indian subcontinent by the rise of popularity in Islam along with Hinduism.

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Cost-Effective Wedding Favor Ideas

By A Nutt

Whether the economy is good or bad, people are still going to get married. During an economic decline, many people look for ways to reduce costs without negatively affecting the wedding. One way of spending wisely is to give inexpensive wedding favors.

Wedding favors are small gifts that the bride and groom give to guests during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception. They are a gesture of appreciation and gratitude. The price of these favors can vary, but there are now inexpensive and creative favors for brides trying to cut costs. The following is a list of lovely inexpensive favor ideas that will say thank you but not break your wedding budget:

- Homemade food such as brownies, cookies, jams, and jellies are a popular choice. They can be made in bulk and you can purchase jelly jars at flea markets or a dollar store. - Coffee or tea favors with a custom designed label. - Treats and nuts such as monogrammed foil fabric wrapped chocolates, candies, mints, almonds, homemade rock crystal candy, fortune cookies, old-fashioned candy sticks. - Practical items such as small wedding discount wedding invitations mint tins, soaps, miniature frames, napkins, playing cards, flower cards, place cards decorated dandles, small hand bags, small jars of potpourri, and hand fans for guests to fan themselves are very popular. Personalized gifts such as pencils, matchbooks, note pads, pens, candles, and bookmarks are always good choices as low cost wedding favors. You can purchase items like matchbooks and bookmarks for as little as 10-15 cents each. - Fresh flowers can be placed at each table with a thank you card. The guests can take them home after the reception. - Disposable cameras make great wedding favors. Many bridal stores and bridal web sites sell cheap bridal-themed cameras. You can usually get a good price if you buy in bulk. - Homemade wedding favors can cut costs. Homemade bookmarks are popular. You can add personalized messages such as your names and wedding date. Another favor idea is to purchase decorative gift boxes and add a cheap wedding invitationspersonalized message on the ribbon. You can fill the boxes with treats or trinkets. Make mix CDs of the songs played at your wedding. You can purchase bulk CDs very cheaply at bulk stores or large mass market retailers such as Wal-Mart. - Flower seed packets with a thank you car attached to them. - You can give out cards stating a donation has been made to a local charity. At $1 per favor, you could easily donate a nice amount of money while saving on your wedding. Your guests will appreciate your generosity.

You can find inexpensive wedding favors at various places such as a local party supply store, wedding supply stores, cheap retail stores such as Dollar stores, and large retailers like Wal-Mart. You can also order wedding favors online. There are many cheap online retailers who provide inexpensive decorative gifts. By using an online store, you will save money and time because you will not have to deal with traffic, spend hours in the stores, and spend money on gas. As well, there are online stores that sell wedding favors for under a dollar

When the economy is slumping, we all take measures to save money. Cutting wedding costs does not mean you cannot have your dream wedding. With the proper planning, you can still have a beautiful wedding. Acquiring inexpensive wedding favors is an easy beach wedding invitationsway to reduce your wedding costs. Your wedding day is one of the most eventful and memorable life events. A bad economy does not have to interfere with your special day.

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