Friday, April 3, 2009

Determining Your Wedding Style

By Mae Summerville

One of the very first things you must decide upon after you get engaged is the style of wedding you plan to have. The style of wedding will permeate every nook and cranny of the entire wedding planning process. Selecting your style is a creative process and should heavily involve your imagination and tastes.

Very often people will let themselves be persuaded by others and will not allow themselves to actually put on the wedding they really want to. They are afraid someone will not like their ideas such as having the wedding in a non-traditional location. Or using colors that are outside the pastel family. They become so worried about what others will think that they end up putting on the wedding of other peoples dreams and not their own.

One major decision you need to make early on is the choice of location. Depending on your ultimate goals the location might best be a traditional choice such as a church or possibly a casual setting such as a garden. Besides the choice being one based on your particular style practical considerations such as weather and the time of the year will also play a part. You also need to keep in mind that with a little imagination you can make a stiff formal setting such as a church into a casual setting.

At some point you also need to sit down and think about what your personal style is and how best to convey it in your wedding. What sort of personality do you have? What setting are you most likely to flourish in? Maybe you lead a conservative life but really deep down you are fun and frilly. Because it is your wedding you are allowed to put on the kind of wedding you want not the kind of wedding that best meets your personality. It does need to be something though that people will remember for years to come.

I am going to talk about five styles in detail that may help you find that perfect style. As you read see which most closely epitomizes your personal style. Also keep in mind all the planning and details that you will need to incorporate to achieve the desired effect. And of course consider the costs.

* Garden style-is best suited for a wedding that will be held during a time of the year with mild to warm temperatures. I have seen beautiful garden weddings held in people's backyards as well as extravagant affairs held at a botancial garden with an outdoor wedding and an indoor reception. This sort of style will be open and airy and has a very natural feel. How you decorate and how much you decorate will help you to incorporate your own personal style in this type of setting.

* Classic style- not much to say about this style. Has been and still is the most popular style of wedding. Also very versatile in terms of decor and personal style. You can get thousand of ideas on how to plan a wedding with this particular style all over the net.

* A beach theme has been and still is all the rage. Whether you choose it as a destination wedding or you plan one in your own backyard it is still a very impressive style. Regardless of location there are tons of things out there to give your wedding that beach look.

* For those who really really want something memorable getting married in an unusual place may be just what you want. I am sure you have seen some of the better ones on tv. From getting married at Walmart to jumping from a plane these sort of weddings are very memorable.

* Exotic style-sort of an extension from the unusual wedding these weddings take place at fun and imaginative locations. What would it be like to get married at the Taj Mahal? You can certainly find out. Keep in mind that these wedding cost money not just for you but your guests.

No matter what you finally decide make sure it is the style you want. Do not let others decide what style your wedding needs to be. It is your day so be sure it reflects who you are.

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