Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Choosing a Monogrammed Gift

By Jenny Mariana

Have you ever felt that you don't know what to get someone for a present? The gift has to be just the right thing or your reputation will be ruined forever, right? Well, fear no longer! Monogrammed gifts come in all shapes, sizes and quantities. Best of all, they are personalized so they have a special touch made for whomever the recipient is.

When you are considering purchasing someone a monogrammed gift there are so many variables to think about. What will they like? Do they look good in this color? Luckily, those questions are very easy to answer. The real tough decision is when you have to decide which monogrammed gift to get them.

There is a huge selection of monogrammed gifts! You can purchase your recipient anything from a bath towel to a t-shirt to a ballpoint pen. One of the most common monogrammed gifts is the monogrammed bath robe. It is perfect for anyone who enjoys hot, long showers. Once you have picked out your gift, you will need to have it monogrammed. Many department stores and catalog services allow you to pay an additional fee and have the item monogrammed right away. However, if you are not shopping at one of these stores, you may have to bring your item to a local monogramming shop.

If you decide to use a local monogramming company, you should have good luck finding one through google or the yellow pages. In most sizable cities there are at least a few companies who do this type of work. 'Things Remembered' is a popular national chain that does a fine job of monogramming. Because monogramming cannot be reversed, be absolutely sure that your monogramming request is accurate and exactly how you want it; and that it follows all local traditions and customs.

Traditional events and holidays that are a perfect fit for monogrammed gifts are anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and valentine's day. They also make particularly romantic gifts that women just love! They key for buying monogramming is to make your decision and buy well in advance. Backlogs occur at some shops, so you don't want to push it to the last day and be stuck without a gift should a mistake be made.

Giving a monogrammed gift used to be a difficult and arduous task. It hasn't always been easy to find someone who can do beautiful monogramming on items of your choice. Now that it is widespread, and even available in many malls, it is very easy to give a very thoughtful and personalized gift. Despite the ease in giving a monogrammed gift, the prospect of doing so still isn't in the forefront of many people's minds when it comes to gift giving - but, perhaps, soon it will be.

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