Saturday, March 28, 2009

Your Guide to Caribbean Beach Weddings

By Irene Mmari

A lot of people are getting enterprising when choosing the place where they want the wedding to be. This trend is also affecting larger numbers of Americans who now get married outside of their country. It is now quite normal for them to consider having a beautiful Caribbean beach wedding as their chosen location. It appears that the most likely explanation for this gradual change is the fantastic beaches to be found all over the Caribbean which surpass those generally found of the mainland.

Since the climate in the Caribbean is more conducive than the US, you can hold a wedding in the beaches anytime of the year you choose. Although this isn't the only reason - you only have to look around you to know that the location itself is incredibly romantic.

To improve upon this further, some 'all-inclusive' resorts are now able to offer a Caribbean beach wedding at no extra charge as part of the package. If that isn't enough, this type of arrangement also makes it easy for the couple to enjoy their honeymoon in the same place as they were married.

Usually couples are booked at a secluded and private section of the resort which is physically far removed from the guests who came to attend the wedding. Of course not to spoil the scenario but if you intend to have a Caribbean beach wedding you will have to ensure you are conversant with local laws relating to a wedding of non-residents. Please note that each Caribbean Island is governed by its own legalities which the couple has to comply with, before their wedding can take place there.

It is not uncommon for couple to have to be on the island for a set period before the wedding can take place and then of course there is the little matter of a local wedding license also. Be prepared to pay anything up to 300 dollars for the wedding license (depending on the venue) but they can be as low as 50 dollars - bear this in mind.

You will also need to be aware of any specific passport regulations at the island you are visiting for your Caribbean beach wedding - a small matter like this could completely spoil everything you have planned. Of course an invalid passport could mean that you are not allowed entry into the country and that is an extremely embarrassing situation, isn't it?

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