Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to Look Gorgeous in Your Wedding Dress

By Mae Summerville

Just like a movie star going down the red carpet, when you walk down the aisle on your wedding day all eyes will be looking at you. This will probably be the one time in your life when a whole group of people will be studying every aspect of your appearance. How you did your hair, the choice of your dress, the jewelry you are wearing will combine with the shape that your body to make a complete presentation to your guests. Don't kid yourself the shape you are in will be noticed. Fortunately you can decide this just as you decide on the things you will wear on that special day. Beginning a fitness regime now will insure you look fantastic when you walk down the aisle. I have some advice on how to get there:

* Find a friend or coach to help encourage you and preferably even participate in helping to create a new you. A likely pick would be your matron of honor or even your own mom. Both will also be a big part of your wedding and so will also want to project the best image possible.

* Do not rationalize. Trying to work, play, and just maintaining your daily routine is tough as you go through the wedding process. But getting proper diet and exercise need to be as big a priority because it is part of the total package.

* Consider that you may need to get a trainer or even join a local gym. Be sure that whatever fitness regime you decide on, that your partner is also committed to participating in that regime. Setting down and really impressing upon them the absolute commitment you want from them is how you obtain a real commitment from them. If they cannot fully commit then consider a personal trainer whose job is to make sure you do your fitness regime.

* You will soon have a spouse and possibly a family soon after you are married. They will likely take their eating and exercise cues from you. Start now so that good diet and exercise are a normal part of your life and they likely will become your family's habits. Waiting until you have a overweight spouse and overweight kids is too late.

* Consider a Biometrics program. They are great at providing a set plan of eating and exercise. Get on the web and look for one that meets your needs. Find one that has easy recipes, a plan for you to follow, and even has a shopping list for you.

Remember that your exercise and fitness regime is as important as all your other wedding plans. Also keep in mind as you pull yourself into shape that you will be the star on the red carpet come your wedding day. It is your chance to show everyone how truly spectacular you really look.

One day you will look back at your wedding photos and you will not only see how beautiful you were but how it changed your entire life.

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