Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tips For Planning A Wedding Memorial Service

By Jeff Henderson

When you lose a loved one, you may be chosen to plan their cremation memorial service. They can be a time to express how much you cared about a loved one, to fondly remember times together, and to offer comfort to one another, as well as offer encouragement to others that are feeling the loss.

When planning a cremation memorial service, you should first consider where you will be holding the service. Many funeral homes and engraved wedding invitations crematories will offer a place to hold your service, as well as offer their services to officiate at the memorial service. The officiate can help you to keep the memorial organized, as well as offer advice on how you can personalize the service for your loved one.

In planning a cremation memorial service, you will want to have a small alter where the urn can be placed. There should be room where others can place mementos for others to view, such as photographs of your loved one or a piece of jewelry that meant a lot to them. Personalize this area according to the things that meant the most to your loved inexpensive wedding invitations one.

You will want to ask close friends and family members ahead of time if they wish to speak at the service. Many people are often scared to speak in front of others, especially at such a difficult and emotional event. You can assure them that everyone will be feeling as they do and it is simply a way for them to share their memories and thoughts with others.

As a memento for the family, plan to discount wedding invitation cardshand out cards and a pen to family members and friends who come to the service. On each card, write the words, My fondest memory is These cards can then be given to the family as a token of remembrance. These cards can be purchased or printed out on your computer at home.

When planning the service, you will want to decide if you wish to serve food. Many people often plan an assortment of the favorite foods of their loved one. Others may only serve light refreshments.

You may also want to plan something special as a symbol of your loved ones send off. Many people choose to do a balloon release at the end of the cremation memorial service and often include tags on the end of the balloon so family and friends can write a message. If you do not like the idea of a balloon release, you may want to consider a dove or wholesale wedding invitations butterfly release or have a candle for everyone to light as they gather around the alter.

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