Sunday, April 15, 2012

Understanding Celtic Marriage Bands.

As you may already have figured, asking the bride's father to pay for the whole event nearly appears biased. If the bride's father is a millionaire, by every means, set free, but not many are as lucky. These days costs are split among family in a selection of different ways. You might split the expenses uniformly between yourselves, the elders of the groom and the mother and father of the bride. You might also just split it between yourselves like many youngsters are doing nowadays. Some may resort to taking out card loans.

Millenia back, the Celts, a grouping of independent clans spread through most of current day Europe, were complicated workmen, carving knot work patterns that have galvanized present day jewellers to make marriage bands. The traditional motifs are deeply set in puzzling cultures that stretch back well before written history. Though the earliest written accounts of the Celts were from Roman outlines, some knot work motifs found in Eastern E urope might be as old as twenty thousand years.

We all know the Celts, like Indigenous peoples of North America, viewed the earth itself as well as every aspect of life and death as divine. Rituals were embedded in a selected oak grove or waterfall. You never can tell what deal could be skulking round the corner.
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