Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A summer marriage.

Last year, I was asked by Avalon Travel Publishing to take over Chicki Mallan's Moon Manuals Belize, which, when it first appeared fifteen years back, was the 1st and most commended manual to the country. NORM : Where is Belize? Joshua : Belize is tucked into the northeast corner of Central America, neighboring Mexico's Yucatan peninsula to the north, Guatemala's Petn outback to the west, and the Caribbean Sea to the east. English is spoken everywhere ( together with 7 other languages ). The variety is amazing, particularly considering there are only 260,000 folks in the whole country. They can rappel into a vertical cavern shaft together, at the base of which they will find a flower scattered bed next to a subterranean spring at Ian Anderson's Caves Branch. So by Sat. afternoon the junction of the little crossroads in Frayssinet-le-Glet was busy with folks waiting for Benji and Sabine to stroll by. In France many marriage rites will occur in the hamlet Mairie and then move on to the local church for a blessing.

And we were fortunate the 2 buildings were close by so a short procession thru the hamlet could occur. This is supposed to bring the couple good luck and fortune and in other areas of France neighbors will lay down sheaves of corn. Traffic came to a dead stop as the procession of guests followed behind and walked the 150 meters to the church. Once everybody was within, and we must have numbered 2 hundred or more, the bride and bridegroom slowly made their way thru the church. Camera flashes lit up the dark entranceway as the couple made their way along the aisle ; the organist played a tune that softly filled up the church. She thanked the numerous folk that had turned up to see the bride and bridegroom and that it had been an amazing day. Be certain to schedule a short trip or overnite on Kitty's personal isle, French Louis Caye, twelve miles offshore with great snorkelling and upscale accommodations. Both places feature monumental design and design from all around the world, and top quality service and facilities.
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